[Evolution] Small "quirklets" in Evolution 1.0.8

Running this on RH 8.0, just switching over from Windows 2000 and
Eudora.  I've noticed several little quirks, some of which are quite
annoying to me, that I hope somebody can comment on/correct:

1. If I click on the same message 10 times, I get 10 windows with that
message on it.  On a crowded screen, it's often more useful to get to
any window you opened simply by clicking on the message again.

2. When reading messages, I find that I can't select and cut/copy text. 
REALLY limiting, when you're trying to cut-and-paste from an email
message into something else.

3. How can I delete a message and have it move into a trash folder, as
opposed to simply leaving it in the inbox with a line drawn thru it? 
That just leaves the thing cluttered.  I know all about expunging
messages, but that's not what I want (at least, it's not a total
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