Re: [Evolution] Small "quirklets" in Evolution 1.0.8

ons, 2002-10-30 kl. 20:15 skrev Dan O'Reilly:

You use the term "impossible", and I must disagree with that.  It's very
possible, it just has to be done.

No, when I said impossible, I meant impossible. You obviously have never
worked with Unix, X, and Bonobo before, have you? ;-)

Yes, I have.  For many years, as a matter of fact, having been in this
business for over 25 years as an engineer.  I've worked with several
flavors of UNIX and with X as a programmer/engineer, doing some quite
complex things.


Instead of shooting your mouth about how clever you are (*never* proved
to me, at any rate), why don't you leave off bugging Jeff and the others
and do something to help? Or *shut up*.

There are a few people flogging their *rs*s for free for you and the
rest of the world and all you can do is insult both them and the





Tony Earnshaw

Could have been Henrik Ibsen's, Ole Bull's,
Henrik Wergelands's, Camilla Collet's and more's
last words, but weren't: «Fanden helder, helder
det at have sadset, end det at ikke have sadset
i det hele taget.»

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