Re: [Evolution] feature request - mark all read hotkey

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 11:38, Monte Ohrt wrote:
Interesting. So if I want to add a ctrl-shift-c hot key to the "mark all
as read" label, how would I do that? I found a placeholder for the edit
menu. I tried to replace that with an accel setting (basically copying
the syntax from another menu item) and it broke the Edit pulldown menu
completely. How do I know the appropriate name for this menu item if it
isn't in there already? Any docs on how to edit this file correctly?

I also tried to do Ctrl-Shift-C... maybe I did something wrong.  I
couldn't find any conflicting shortcut, but Evolution was totally broken
as a result of what I did.

Anyway, I tried Ctrl-Alt-C and it works fine:

in evolution-mail-list.xml:

    <cmd name="MessageMarkAllAsRead"
     _tip="Mark all visible messages as read"

Remember, this file will get overwritten every time you install a new
snapshot or beta version, so save a copy somewhere (and if you just
automatically overwrite the official file with your own every time you
upgrade, you might break new features or official changes).

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