Re: [Evolution] feature request - mark all read hotkey

Well, it /should/ be as easy as Ctrl-A, Ctrl-K, Ctrl-I.  But I just
noticed that Ctrl-I (and the whole Invert Selection functionality) is

IMHO there are much more useful things for the coders to be doing than
combining three simple shortcuts into one.

Like, for instance, fixing Edit->Invert Selection =)  Is there already a
bug report filed on that one?  Anyone?


On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 08:12, Monte Ohrt wrote:
I'm not sure where to ask for feature requests, so I'll try the mailing

It would be nice to add a hotkey for edit->mark all as read

It is tedious to select all / mark selected / deselect all, and wasted
cpu cycles IMHO.


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