Re: [Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] File permissions overwritten by Evo

Can you be more descriptive? I'm not sure what you mean...

We are using Evolution (1.0.5 on Debian Woody) as email client.
It is working really fine now except this issue...
When we try to save attachments to disk, no matter where, and no matter which UMASK is used, the file permissions are always set to 0600.
Evolution is the only one user application I've ever seen that does that.

Ah, I'm fairly certain that I fixed this a while ago. Although I just
found another piece of code that didn't, so fixing that now.
I checked today in version 1.0.8 from Debian Sid, and it has still the problem. Could you tell me in which version it was fixed, and/or where I could get the patch to fix any version?

I read that 1.2 is almost out, will it be GNOME2-based?
Will it integrate the fix?



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