Re: [Evolution] 24h date display

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 00:32, Christian Borup wrote:
On fre, 2002-10-18 at 01:03, John Angelmo wrote:
Fre 2002-10-18 klockan 00.52 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:
On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 18:21, John Angelmo wrote:
I seem to have lost the function for displaying 24 hour format in the
mail part, there's no problem with the calender
Where can I find that function?

There's no option for this as far as I know.

And that's truly a pity (and a pita).

It would be great to have it, I and several othere users have no need
for AM/PM it's just in the way, an option for regular 24h or AM/PM would
be great to have that would effect the whole Evolution not just the

The date display in the mailer follows the locale (as indeed it should).
If you set LC_TIME to a locale that doesn't use AM/PM, you will get 24h
times (I use LC_TIME=da_DK - works fine).

I agree with you, Christian, that the default should follow the locale,
but what about those of us who don't want to be stuck with the stupid
AM/PM thing even if it is conventional in our part of the world (for
example in the United States)?  What about the US military and other
American organizations who use a standard 24-hr clock?  What about a
foreigner living in the US (there are a few...) who needs to work in
English but wants his/her familiar time/date format?

I don't want to use LC_TIME set to some other region (such as en_GB),
because I happen to be quite comfortable with our local mm/dd/yy date
format, which doesn't take up any more or less space in a column anyway.

I'd also like to get rid of the stupid "Yesterday" and "Today" strings
that we have here, what's wrong with just displaying the "Date" columns
as "MM-DD-YY HH:MM" (or DD-MM-YY HH:MM, etc., as you prefer)?  All the
extra bullshit just makes the "Date" columns far too wide, restricting
much more important and useful information such as the "From" and
"Subject" fields.

I really think this should be an Evolution-wide customizable option for
the date and time format.  Doesn't MS Lookout offer these options?

Not surprisingly, this has been discussed before:

I'm still hoping the preference setting Damon mentioned will appear some


I don't have the time or patience to maintain and compile my own patched
versions of evolution, so my interim solution (which has helped a lot)
was to build my own version of en_US/LC_TIME which forces Evolution (&
everything else which respects glibc locales) to use a 24 hr clock in
the US.  If anyone would be interested in having a copy, let me know
(but use at your own risk!).  I now have much more space for other
columns in the message list, and that makes me very happy =)

I have nothing against the American people... 
...but it is time for a regime change

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