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I got tired of dealing with winmail.dat attachaments, and wrote up some code this afternoon.. I have a little program right now, almost a linkable library, that can take a winmail.dat file and extract the following:
    * Attachments with 8.3 filenames (not extended filenames yet)
    * Icons for those attachments (in wmf format)
    * Dates & Times for those attachments, & the email in general
    * Message Priorities
With a little more work, I think I'll have it pulling Meeting requests from it. 

Now for the real question, is the Ximian development team interested in my code?  I'm willing to release it freely, and even keep maintaining it for a while, if it gets into Evolution.  I'm sick and tired of having to use Fentun to grab attachments, and it doesn't even do most stuff.   I would LOVE for evolution to handle these natively.

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