Re: [Evolution] POP3 over SSL, error messages

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 12:37, Not Zed wrote:
make sure you're using 1.0.8 or 1.2 beta's.

I'm using 1.0.8-10 (shipped with RH 8.0). I've been having this problem
since I started using SSL afaik.

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 19:10, Mathy Vanvoorden wrote:
I have increased the checking time between pop-accounts. Also I made
sure that both checking times where different. The one account is on 3
minutes, the other on 4. This way they don't check at the same time
often. Of course for you it's enough to just increase one ;-) This
solved my problem, I get the messages much less now, once or twice in
day maybe, I can live with that :-)

I've tried setting different poll times without any luck. Evolution
checks for mail every 5-10 minutes (different setting on all accounts).
I'm receiving mail from four different POP-accounts on the server.
I get the warning message ~30 times a day, at least.

The POP server is ipop3d, v2001.78rh btw.

Outlook clients on my network fetch mail in the same way, but without
any warnings/error-messages ;)

That's because outlook doesn't pop-up error messages. If you watch
closely the status bar on the bottom you'll probably see that sometimes
there appears a red cross, indicating that there was an error...

That actually happens only once a week or something like that, using
Outlook XP with the same settings.


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