Re: [Evolution] will there be a Windows port?

Le ven 24/05/2002 à 18:05, Dan Winship a écrit :
I believe, tho, that even using CX Office, Outlook doesn't run right.
Which doesn't mean that  the next version of CX Office won't solve that
problem ...

CrossOver is a dead end though, unfortunately. The license of Office XP
explicitly says you can only run it on real Windows XP (or something
like that), so crossover will be stuck at Office 2000 forever.

Is such a license enforceable in the US ? In France it certainly isn't,
it's just verbiage without any value. You even have permission to hack
Office XP to make it work on whatever OS you have (in a more broader
sense, permission to hack in the name of interoperability).


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