Re: [Evolution] will there be a Windows port?

past.  To make Evolution for Windows would be reinventing the wheel
since Windows already has Outlook.  If your Windows users are already

Yes, Outlook is a GREAT program, but:
- It's microsoft, so it will NEVER run on Linux...
- It's costly

using Outlook, then what would be the difference (aside from the cost,
but it is my understanding that if you've already purchased outlook and
it works for you, there shouldn't be any reason to shell out money for a
newer version, just keep up on the security patches. hehe)

But the cost is IMPORTANT! Microsoft is changing the way it license
things to go to a "Pay each year for a thing you already have" !!!
The cost of Microsoft products IS a problem.

I hate to sound like the Linux community should be selfish because that
goes against what they are about, but if there was a Windows port of
Evolution, that would be one less reason for someone to want to switch
to Linux anyway.  Selfish? maybe.  I know some graphics students who

No, here we want to switch to OpenOffice for win+linux. But we must keep
Outlook for windows. It's a problem because if Evo was available on
Windows, then we'll switch to OpenOffice+Evo on Win+Linux


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