Re: [Evolution] will there be a Windows port?

On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 03:36, Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:

past.  To make Evolution for Windows would be reinventing the wheel
since Windows already has Outlook.  If your Windows users are already

Yes, Outlook is a GREAT program, but:
- It's microsoft, so it will NEVER run on Linux...
- It's costly

Now, now - don't say "never". The other portions of MS Office can now be
run under WINE using CrossOver Office, so it is not always an absolute
to say that "it's microsoft, so it will NEVER run on Linux".

I believe, tho, that even using CX Office, Outlook doesn't run right.
Which doesn't mean that  the next version of CX Office won't solve that
problem ...


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