Re: [Evolution] will there be a Windows port?

On Fre, 2002-05-24 at 00:53, Zot O'Connor wrote:

If the end user can run the same app on windows and linux, and we chip
away at the app base for windows-only, then the switch is easier...

IMHO the most important point is that Ximian is a Unix company, and
there aren't any resources left for Windows programming. If Ximian works
on a Windows port of Evolution, there will be no new features in the
Unix version for a long time.

Evolution is made for Unix systems, and that's it. I also fear that most
people in the Windows world don't know anything about Evolution or
Ximian. So the market for WinEvo is too small - people wan't to use
Outlook (they all got it when buying the MS Office suite), and nobody
wants to change. It's a waste of time.


Nach mir die SYN FLOOD!

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