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Hi, all,

I'm about to "open my mouth and remove all doubt", but, if I'm reading
Andy's request properly, much of what he wants is already available through
the Wombat, isn't it?

I'm making an assumption that the Wombat publishes as many events for e-mail
as it does for calendar/scheduling and the address book subsystems, but if
it does (and the language you're using supports binding to an ORB), you
should have everything you would need to do all of the things that you're
suggesting without adding specific scripting support.

Or did my reality cheque bounce this morning? <G>


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Well, several reasons. The main one is to be able to add features that
Evolution does not have.

Some of the features:
1. Better filters
2. Auto respond
3. Intelligent signatures
4. Spam removal using spam assassin or similar program and
   virus scan of incoming mails
5. Better calling of external programs for doing tasks

Also, I would like to have a text based Evolution mailbox compatible
client, so I can ssh to machine and check mail. If there would be
scripting support in Evolution, I could write a text client that would
communicate through hooks in the running Evolution.


On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 14:06, Brian wrote:
Why would you want such a feature?

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