Re: [Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Scripting in evolution

1, 2, and 4 could be implemented by just adding a filter option to
invoke another program and write the message to that external program's
stdin. That program could then return 0 for FALSE or 1 for TRUE as to
whether the filter matches.
This filter option hasn't yet been implemented, but it's something in my
list of things to do. I think this would be a much better way of solving
those issues than scripting.

Well, it is kind of the same thing. With scripting I mean have a notion
of calling external programs when certain things happen and use the
output or result to do something. This is essentially number 5. Also, at
this point (Evolution 1.0.3 on my machine) you cannot execute external
program before and after you check for mail. This is useful if you want
to do POP3 over ssh or something. 

I'm not sure what 3 means... the development version can invoke scripts
for generating a signature. Maybe that's what you want? I'm not really

This is what I mean.

For 5, what kinds of things do you have in mind?

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