Re: [Evolution] threading by subject

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 13:01, Dan Winship wrote:
I'm not sure how this has turned into such a long thread.

Example: I send you a message with the subject "Hello". Bob also sends
you a message with the subject "Hello". You reply to the message from
me, and then delete the original. Then I reply to you, and my message
with the subject "Re: Hello" gets attached to *Bob's* message, which it
is *NOT* a reply to.

This is broken. We really should change Evolution's behavior. It is much
more annoying to have false-positive threading than false-negative

This is not exactly what I was talking about. What I mean is re-stated

1. I receive a message with subject "foo" on January first.

2. I receive a message with subject "foo" on March fifth.

These messages also had other recipients.

3. One of the other recipients replies to the message from step 2, also
on March fifth. The reply has subject "RE: foo" and is missing the
In-Reply-To header.

4. The reply from step 3 is threaded under the message from step 1. So I
get mail from somebody, and then an immediate reply to it, and the reply
is threaded in some months-old thread, miles down my screen. I didn't
delete any of the example emails; they are all still in that folder.

In fact, it seems to be threaded under the oldest message in that folder
with a subject of "foo." I would expect it to be threaded under the
newest message with subject "foo."

Sorry if I worded it unclearly the first 2 times.


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