Re: [Evolution] How much email can Evolution handle?

On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 03:27, Moazam Raja Eng Sun COM wrote:
I am thinking of migrating my email from (from OS X) to 
Evolution and would like to know how much email Evolution can handle. I 
have roughly 3.5Gigs of email (local) which I keep. Can Evolution handle 
this size? Does anyone here have Evolution running with multiple Gigs of 

The reason I ask is because I've tried to migrate to Netscape mail and 
it simply barfs when I have alot of email, and hence is useless for me. 
I'm hoping Evolution will save the day..


I have ~1G mail spread over maybe 100 folders which reside on an IMAP
server (Maildir format).

Up to now evolution works flawless. 


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