Re: [Evolution] Woah! Maybe I am missing something here

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 21:15, Marcus Franke wrote:
Am Son, 2002-07-21 um 15.06 schrieb Not Zed:
On Sat, 2002-07-20 at 22:04, Steve wrote:
To all:

I deleted all my emails out of evolution (after doing a backup), which
were swelling my evolution directory to about 90 megs.

After deleting the emails, I find I still have a pile of "mbox.ibex"
files that make up most of the 80 megs that is still in here. I don't
dare delete them, as it seems they contain filter settings, and so on.

How in the world do you compact or shrink these monsters...?

Just delete them.  They dont contain any settings, only a cache of
information in the folder.

In 1.2 these files auto-compact, but in 1.0 they do not.
A question about this, Evolution seems to use the mbox format.
Can I switch to maildir?

goto file->folders->properties for xxxx.

You can also just create a new 'external account' which points to an
existing maildir tree (which probably works better than changing your
inbox to be maildir, etc).

<possibly stupid question>
Other question, can I use a second programm like mutt and read
my mails? My Computer at work keeps running and running and
sometimes I use the computer at home to login into the company
network and I could read this way my emails.. At the moment I
have no real mailserver here..
</possibly stupid question>

Yep.  With the standard mailbox format, its better not to run them both
at the same time, but with maildir format it should work ok.

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