[Evolution] Custom signatures with scripts


I just found out that in the current CVS version, I can use scripts to
define signature text, which is then inserted _without_ any additional
"-- " in front of it. So this is a nice solution for the problem I was
addressing in the other thread, although it requires creating a script.
Now I have to hope that as I have told everyone about it, that feature
still is here to stay... 

One other thing, there doesn't seem to be a way to pass a parameter to
the script, is there? When I try to enter something into the edit field
in addition to the script path, I get an error saying I should enter a
valid script. And the fact that I have to use HTML code to format the
generated signature's content (I don't use HTML composing otherwise) was
a little surprising, although very powerful.

Great work in that CVS version!

               Oliver Sturm
Fa. Manfred Dahlhoff - Buellenkothenweg 37a - 40229 Duesseldorf
Tel.: 0211-2202821   - Fax: 0211-2202822    - http://www.dahlhoff.biz

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