Re: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)

Quoting Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj ximian com>:

Ok, I hear you. Still, I only want to have more control over the exact
my signature is formatted in the message, not leave out the sequence
altogether. What's wrong with letting the user decide?

because users don't know better. If you left it up to the user to start
his signature file with "-- ", it would never happen and would piss a
lot of people off. The standard rule of programming is "don't let your
users do the Wrong Thing (tm)"

Sounds a lot like Bill speak to me. What about having a look (parse) at
the signature file and insert a "-- " at the top if there's none yet in the
file? That would serve my purposes and yours, it would seem.

that's exactly what we've done. I think you'll find most other
standards-aware mailers will do the same thing.

Well. I haven't counted, but my personal preference has been the same
for a long time, so I know that most provided me an option somehow
to do what I wanted. After all, it's not breaking the standard I'm after.

you can drag the preview pane separator to the bottom of the screen. You
can't expect much better than that for mouse control.

Have you seen the Netscape splitter? Or there could easily be a small button
somewhere that pops the splitter down to the bottom and back again.

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