Re: [Evolution] Duplicate Messages

You're not exactly providing any useful information here.

Are you using POP? Are you using Filters? Are you sure your filters
aren't duplicating the messages?

Ie, if you have filters and use the Copy or Move rules and don't use a
Stop-Processing rule, then you could end up duplicating messages that
way since without that Stop-Processing rule, evolution continues to run
the rest of the filters on that message.

If your using POP, I suspect that your POP server:
1. does not support UIDL, thus forcing us to generate our own UIDs by
md5summing the headers.
2. Your POP server is changing the headers after we download the entire
message and thus the next time we check, the md5sums don't match.


On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 15:47, Langsley T Russell wrote:
Of late I've been getting tow copies of many emails. It seems to happen
mostly with posts from mailing lists. It doesn't seem to matter who is
hosting the list. I'm on several lists on yahoo groups for example. On
two of those lists I get duplicates of everything while on several
others I get only one of each. 

I don't know if this is connected with Evo but I do know it never
happened with Outlook. 

Might there be some setting in Evo I need to change? Hundreds of extra
emails a day is the last thing I need.



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