Re: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)



On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 12:07, Kevin Old wrote:
Hello Everyone,

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 08:26, Oliver Sturm wrote:

        * Insert my signature text without the leading '-- '. I'd like
          to have my name in the signature text so I don't have to type
          it all the time, but above the '-- '. I can easily insert it
          myself, but it duplicates the way it currently is.

Speaking of bugs/features related to signatures.....I was wondering what
everyone's opinion of my request for a feature would be.  I'd like to
have the option of signature placement.  Right now, it always goes at
the bottom of the email....even when replying or forwarding.....what
about placing it before the line like:

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 08:26, Oliver Sturm wrote:

Anyone thing this feature would get attention?


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