Re: [Evolution] Arbitrary (way to modify) 'From' when composing

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 23:03, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

There's no need for a Copy. It's just extra cruft that doesn't need to
be there (especially since the only part not defaulted for you is the
part you want to change - ie the identity info).

(Nit: there's also choosing which "real" account to copy from, by
temporarily making it the default.)

(BTW, I see no visual indication in the account list of which is the
default. Maybe you could bold-face that one?)

The reason it copies the default transport config is just for this very
reason, so people could create null accounts and only change the
identity page.

(yes, I thought of everything...didn't I? hah)

Almost! ;-) But at least now I can pick a menu item and click two
buttons ("Default", then "Add"), and then switch the receive mode to

Of course, the presence of this machinery is not obvious.

One other thing, sorta related: Every time I reply to a mailing list, I
have to do a "view all headers" to remember which account I used to
subscribe to that list, because Evo always fills in the default account.
How about making Evo smarter about picking which account to use to reply
from? If there's no matching account address in one of the recipient
fields of the original message, use the information from
X-Evolution-Source. Don't just pick the default account unless there's
not enough information to do something more intelligent.

(I've currently got the 6/25 devel snapshot.)

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