Re: [Evolution] Arbitrary (way to modify) 'From' when composing

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 00:35, ximian com ragweed net wrote:
On Sat, 2002-07-13 at 06:17, evolution-admin ximian com wrote:

In this case, you don't need a separate account to get the mail. You
don't need a separate account to read the mail. You DO need a separate
account to send mail that claims to come from that address, and I don't
see why you'd ever need to do that here.

I don't see why there's such a fuss - how about something like 'Use X
SMTP method when altering From-line'?

I know of at least five other people who do exactly the same thing with
their mail clients. It's about the only major flaw I've found in

We've also been told that to do sophisticated filtering, we should use
procmail, not evo. It's common to use "plussed" addresses (eg.
shiva+evo well com) to filter one's mailing list traffic with procmail.
There should be some way in evo to use a plussed address without
defining a new account for every mailing list we subscribe to. Or at
least provide a druid that can auto-generate an account given a message
and a prototype account.

For instance, one gets the welcome message from a mailing list. One
invokes the "mailing list druid". The druid generates a filter entry, a
folder, and an account. The last part creates a new account if the
recipient isn't in the list of accounts. It duplicates one's choice of
existing accounts, setting the address to that found in the message.

So if I subscribe to evo using the above address, and receive the
message with the account associated with shiva well com, the druid will
create an evolution-hackers folder, a filter to file future messages,
and an account for shiva+evo well com with settings copied from
shiva well com, but with the receive part disabled.

(I realize that the first two steps can already be done by the "create
filter from mailing list" menuitem. What's needed is the account
duplicator logic. And this is only needed because the From part can't be
changed at compose time.)

Just thought of another way to implement this: Allow multiple addresses
for an account, and make it easy to add an address to an account. This
might be a list of aliases in the sending server properties, and for
each alias should include the 4 values from the first page of the
account (name/from/replyto-name/reply-to).

I have a few disabled accounts defined just to allow me to wear
different "hats" in my IT role, such as IT, Postmaster, Abuse,
Hostmaster, etc. Allowing my primary account to use aliases would
eliminate the need for all the excess account info.

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