Re: [Evolution] Issues with evolution-devel from evolution-stable

It's all that bad.  N & P may be Netscap-ish, but hitting "N" for next
message, and "P" for previous is a no-brainer.  

Please please please change it back. :)

Not my decision.

Sigh, how about making it customizable

"Make it customizable" is almost always the wrong answer. If it's good,
then it's good, and if it's bad, then it's bad, and if it's the sort of
thing that some people are used to one way and other people are used to
another way, then people can get used to different things, and will
eventually get used to the way evolution does it.

Once you ditch 1.0 and switch to 1.1 completely, it doesn't take very
long at all to get used to the changed keybindings.

Assuming you have a US keyboard... those bindings (which are supposed to
correspond to the keys that "<" and ">" are on) suck for many non-US
keyboard layouts, so they will probably end up changing again before 1.2
is actually released.

-- Dan

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