Re: [Evolution] Issues with evolution-devel from evolution-stable

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 07:09, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 21:22, Rev. wRy wrote:

this was removed because it conflicted with a new feature to use
auto-completion for jumping to messages (similar to what Outlook does).

Not sure I like it either, but it's what people wanted.

It's sick and wrong.  Period and comma to move between messages?  Gak!

yea, I don't like it either... but other mailers use this convention
also so maybe it's not all that bad? N and P are pretty Netscape-ish.

It's all that bad.  N & P may be Netscap-ish, but hitting "N" for next
message, and "P" for previous is a no-brainer.  

Please please please change it back. :)

Not my decision.

Sigh, how about making it customizable instead of forcing various
"standard ways" of doing things down ppl's throats? Why spoil an
otherwise really nice application?

Just my $0.02


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