[Evolution] Re: Spell component using 95% cpu

gnome-spell-component is back... A couple of weeks ago, I answered to
someone in this thread that it was no longer bothering me, but it is
hogging my CPU again.

A few times a day, gnome-spell-component starts hogging all CPU and
forces me to kill it manually. This happens while I'm editing a message
in Evolution, but not systematically (just when I'm writing about it I
can't get it to happen...)

Three months ago, the symptoms were already the same. Here is an extract
of the "ps faux" output showing the two tasks that show the symptom of
my problem. The defunct ispell is a daughter task of the
gnome-spell-component task :

jim       1436 95.9  2.3 17092 4420 ?        R    04:26 268:30 

jim       1439  0.0  0.0     0    0 ?        Z    04:26   0:01
 \_ [ispell <defunct>]

I suspect that I should file an upstream bug report, unless somebody has
a clue about possible causes. The only problem is that there is no
mention of gnome-spell in the Gnome Bugzilla...

I'm running unstable on an Inspiron 4000 with 2.4.17
gnome-spell  0.4.1-4 (symptom was same with 0.4.1-3)
evolution    1.0.7-3 (symptom was same with 1.0.3-1)

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