Re: [Evolution] opening messages in the Outbox

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 20:06, Tim Lee wrote:

I was wondering why when you open a message in Evolution's Outbox,
Evolution actually creates a new copy of the message for you to edit.
This behavior seems a little counter intuitive, I was expecting
Evolution to open the original message. This behavior may not be a
problem in the Drafts folder [..]

Actually, I found it to be counter intuitive even in the Drafts folder,
but it is only my opinion. In any case, it is a safe behavior because it
prevents overwriting, so one may think twice before altering it. Maybe
add a "what to do after editing a message" option defaulting on "save as
a copy, don't touch the old version" and switchable to "overwrite the
old version".

Or maybe something more in line with the current "composer" tab of the
"mail settings" dialog : a "save a copy of an edited message" checkbox
defaulting on the checked state.

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