Re: [Evolution] sudden loss of config

I've just looked into how bonobo-conf saves the xml config options and
it first saves the settings to a tmp file, if that works, then it
rename()'s it to ~/evolution/config.xmldb so afaict, the only way for
the settings to be corrupt in ~/evoltion/config.xmldb is if libxml's
xmlSaveFile() says that it worked when it didn't (and that would not be
our problem - the only way to get this fixed is to put pressure on the
libxml maintainer because he won't listen to us).


On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 15:58, Michael Gruner wrote:
wait until the annoying "Evolution is closing" dialog to disappear, if
it is still up then your data might not have been written to disk yet.
I'm really sure I did.

Anyway in the future I'll try to give evo some extratime to work around

thank you all for your help!


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