Re: [Evolution] sudden loss of config

On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 15:07, Michael Gruner wrote:
Am Son, 2002-07-07 um 13.43 schrieb Not Zed:

Hmm, do you get any warnings or errors when it resets?

I presume you're closing down linux and not just pulling the plug too? 
What about exiting evolution?

Yesterday it did happen again: I exited evo. Imediatly after that I
wanted to exit my windowmaker session. My screen got black and nothing
more happend. There was no reaction on pressing any keys.

So you hit the power?

Today in the morning I started my PC trying to fetch my mails but the
evo config was blown away :-(

So I think the config gets lost if the PC stealths imediatly after evo
is shutted down?!

Sounds like an operating system/filesystem issue.  Maybe the config file
is being deleted or something at reboot because it wasn't written
properly to disk (you use reiserfs or ext3 or similar?).  I wonder if
they're using fsync() in bonobo-conf.

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