Re: [Evolution] Header View Customization

Thanks for the pointer!!! The searches did not work for me, which is why
I posted...

Now that I have read the discussion, I am still a bit bemused. There
seem to be 2 camps (as always): Those that think it is a useless feature
and those that think it useful. Those that think it useless seem to also
fall into 2 camps: Those that think the code is too complicated already
to justify adding this feature and think writing regexps to filter
messages is sufficient and those that think 'all or none' is acceptable.
I don't happen to agree with either camp, myself. Regexps are a pain in
the a** for most 'normal' users, and 'all or none' is a pain in the a**
for all users. If Linux (and, by extension Evolution) is going to be a
viable desktop for the 'masses', you can't expect most people to write
regexps. Most 'normal' users have no clue what a regexp IS, let alone
how to construct one. Further, they have no DESIRE to know what one is,
or how to write one. GTell them to, and they'll likely respond "No
thanks, I'll just go back to M$ LookOut."

Personally, I think ... well, forget what I think. :-) I am no regexp
exp., and the Evolution 'interface' for writing them in filters is,
well, not all that great (sorry guys, everything else is TOP NOTCH!).

Why do I want this 'feature'? Well, like others, I want it so I can keep
an eye on my SpamAssassin X-Spam headers. Yes, I understand that I can
look at Full Headers. But I *really* don't want to wade through headers
all day. I have limited screen real estate, making the headers take up
all the pane. I have to scroll to see even the header I'm interested in.
I can spend all day wading through headers, or doing something useful.
Yes, I will not want to see this header forever (or maybe I will, who
knows. It is a good idea, for me, to keep close tabs on SpamAssassin
just in case). Toggling back and forth between Full/Normal headers is a

The most useful response to this whole thread back in April included
some (now broken, unfortunately) links to regexp configuration dialogs.
Too bad those links were no longer useful. :-(

So, do I absolutely NEED the 'special header configuration' feature? No.
But then again, I don't NEED the task list, as I never use it. :-) There
are, for that matter, LOTS of 'specialized' features in Evolution that
are there, I can only guess, because a) some engineer thought they would
be cool, or personally useful b) some other person made a patch that
someone found useful or c) someone paid someone off. :-) 

Unfortunately, I haven't the time (or, probably, the talent) to write a
patch. And I'm too poor to bribe anyone. SO I guess I'll just deal with
it. I'll bitch about it every now and then, but ... Well, Evolution is
just the BEST option for me, shortcomings and all (which, thankfully,
are few and far between).



On Tue, 2002-07-09 at 09:51, Kenneth Porter wrote:
Start here:

(BTW, can Ximian add a Google site search form on I
hand-crafted such a search to find this, using my own site-search form
on my site and hacking the resulting URL. I note that there's a search
form on the lists page in DevZone, but it searches and so
misses the list archives at
David G. Simmons

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