Re: [Evolution] Header View Customization

tir, 2002-07-09 kl. 18:19 skrev David G. Simmons:

Maybe this comes under a 'feature request' but maybe there is a way to
do this already and I just can't find it... I would like to be able to
add headers to view in the 'Normal View'. So far, the only choices I can
find are "Show Full Headers" and "Normal View." I'd like to be able to
tell Evolution to show 'Normal View, but also show me a couple of
additional headers I define. Full Headers is too much info, and Normal
view is not enough, alas.

Is this possible now? Do others think it might be a useful feature?

Not really, to the last question. After 7-8 years' sysadmin work I
prefer full headers to see who the nasties are, though in Evo I usually
use "normal".

However, a short cut key combination between full and normal *would* be




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