Re: [Evolution] Header View Customization

tir, 2002-07-09 kl. 20:49 skrev David G. Simmons:

Why do I want this 'feature'? Well, like others, I want it so I can keep
an eye on my SpamAssassin X-Spam headers. Yes, I understand that I can
look at Full Headers. But I *really* don't want to wade through headers
all day. I have limited screen real estate, making the headers take up
all the pane. I have to scroll to see even the header I'm interested in.
I can spend all day wading through headers, or doing something useful.

I was just going to bed actually (night comes early here in the east),
but o.k.

I use Spamassassin. (Too). But because I use Spamassassin, I don't see
spam. Because it ends up in a cesspit before it gets to me. (this is
Exim 4.04).

I =do= see the logs, though, by means of which which I can rescue poor
drowning spam out of the cesspit if it doesn't deserve it.

But I read my logs without full headers, so in the spirit of I vote:


I'd still like a short cut key combo for toggling between normal and
full headers, though.




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