Re: [Evolution] Printing Crash

On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 08:54, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
        "The Evolution component that handles folders of type "mail" has
        unexpectedly quit. You will need to quit Evolution and restart in
        order to access that data again."
    The frustrating part about this is that the mail handler just silently
    dies.  No output to stderr, no error dialog, and I can't find a log file
    anywhere.  So I have not a clue as to where I should look to solve the
    problem.  Can anyone help?

  Can you try running evolution-mail in gdb and get a stack trace?

Thanks Ettore!  That put me on the right track.  I couldn't get a stack
trace, but I at least got an error telling me that evolution-mail
couldn't load the "gtk_html_print_set_master" symbol.  That let me to
install the "libgtkhtml20-1.0.1-ximian.1" RPM, which seems to have fixed
the problem.  Seems like there ought to be a dependency on this package
from the evolution-1.0.1-ximian.2.i586 package though.

Brett Johnson <brett_johnson hp com>
     -  i  n  v  e  n  t  -

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