[Evolution] HTML-only e-mails : reply does not indent

A few months ago I posted a bugzilla (#16081) about this and also
e-mailed the list.

If I receive an e-mail containing HTML only (i.e. no text/plain), when I
reply to it, the quoted text appears in gray, but is not indented.  If I
send this, and it goes out as text/plain (which it will, unless I
explictly specify HTML format, which I usually don't), of course it is
impossible visually to determine what text is quoted and what is not.

In addition, when I reply to this e-mail, the first line of the quoted
text appears on the same line as the tag that says "On <date>, <person>
wrote:".  This is also wrong.

Are these issues something Ximian is planning to fix in the near future?


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