Re: [Evolution] W in Swedish for contacts

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 11:40, Martin Skjöldebrand wrote:
so one is using KDE on Red Hat, the other Ximian Gnome on Mandrake.
And it's not a Evo problem??

Any ideas anyone? Sounds like a Evo problem to me - unless I'm missing
something obvious.

Without taking too detailed a look into the code, it seems like Evo just
sorts based on the (localized) letters in one of the source files. 
Since things beginning with 'W' don't match (since 'W' is missing from
the Swedish localization) anything, they're probably just stored in the
"123" bucket.  The fix would be to add 'W' to the Swedish translation.

Or, it could be libc, although I bet this is less likely.  How is 'W'
sorted by the locale handling functions in Swedish?  Is it in the
"correct" place or at the beginning or end?


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