Re: [Evolution] W in Swedish for contacts

tis 2002-04-23 klockan 22.28 skrev Bo Rosén:
Any Swedes out there?
      I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing he same problem I'm
having. Contacts lists names beginning with W under 123. As Swedish
dosen't really uses W (and it isn't listed to the right in contacts) the
normal way to handle this is to file words beginning with W under V
instead as they are pronounced the same in Swedish. 
Obviously, this behaviour should be fixed

Ximian tells me this isn't a Ximian problem (bug 23764), so does anyone
know any work arounds?

Mandrake 8.1, evo 1.0.3

Yes, I see this as well.
Red Hat 7.2, kernel 2.4.7, Evo 1.0.3, using KDE - are you using Gnome or
KDE? If it is some kind of faulty handling of localization.

Martin S.
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