Re: [Evolution] Pilot conduits and todo's

and i *still* don't see anyway to sync with evoltion. what am i

We seem to have assumed that the big batch o downloads from Ximin
implied that pilot connectivity was not compiled in to evolution, but I
wonder if that assumption was wrong.  Might we STILL have to compile
evolution ourselves?

The thing I hate about compiling it myself is installation. I like the
RPM (or whatever packaging system you prefer) so I can undo it, or at
least have the illusion that each new installation clears up the
previous one.  Now, if there were a way to toss a parameter to a src.rpm
while --rebuildings..... ;)



On Tue, 2001-09-18 at 19:45, Richard Bellavance wrote:
///o-o\\\\\\ wrote:

i previously had jPilot up and running fine and dandy, then last nite
i updated the palm-link, palm-devel, and Gnome Palm Sync Tools in order
to use the latest evo release with palm support, through Red Carpet. 
what happened was strange... it somehow removed the jPilot application
from my machine entirely, and there are 2 versions of the palm 
configuration in GNOME's control center:


unfortunately, i am unsure if the sync tools are even working properly
because i just re-installed jPilot but don't have the palm here.

FWIW, I get exactly the same behaviour.  Also, the "memo file" conduit
does not seem to exist anymore.

The rest of the syncing seems to work just fine, though (apart from the
fact that there's no "EAnything" conduit :-)

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