[Evolution] Pilot Conduits opens Pilot Link in gnomecc


This morning I updated evo (and related packages) using RedCarpet to get
what I appeared to be evo with pilot features enabled.  I am using
Mandrake 8.0 and the Red Carpet install went off without a hitch.  Evo
is still working great, however; When I open gnomecc and click on Pilot
Conduits it opens the Pilot Link dialog.  There is a second entry for
Pilot Conduits that has only the MAL conduit listed.  Pilot Link works
fine and the unit (a Handspring Deluxe) is configured and connects to
jPilot ok.  

Any advice would be appreciated.  Evolution is awesome.  I spent many
hours getting older versions to compile, and the past few months of
snapshot rpms and finally red carpet availability have made the
headaches disappear.  I'm a huge evo advocate in my office, and hope you
guys keep up the awesome work!


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