[Evolution] Wierd focus behavior..

I'm not exactly sure what I'm seeing here, and I'm interested to see if
anyone else sees it:

With sawfish, if Evolution has focus when I exit a workspace, it always
has focus when I re-enter the workspace, no matter where the mouse
cursor is. This doesn't seem to happen with any other apps, and it
confuses me a little, since the mouse cursor is in the window I want to
type in, but the keystrokes go to Evolution.

For example, Evolution is in the upper right quadrant of workspace zero,
with terminals all around it. With the cursor in the Evolution window, I
go to workspace 2. There I move the cursor to the upper-left quadrant
(which corresponds to a terminal in workspace one), and move back to
workspace 1. The mouse cursor is in the terminal window, but evolution
still has focus so any keystrokes go to evolution. Having selected the
enter-only focus mode, I have to move the mouse cursor out of the
terminal and then back into it in order to type. If I repeat the
experiment with the focus initially in one of the other terminal
windows, the terminal with the mouse cursor at the end gets focus.

I know this is a minor nit - it's not like Evolution doesn't indicate
that it has focus, but I'm wondering if it's just me...


        John A.

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