Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts and Folders List Not Showing Number of New Messages

Actually, it does (I can screenshot it if you want proof :) 

Glad to hear it works for you! Because I just updated via RedCarpet, and
I still have the problem. I don't use the shortcut bar, only the folder
view. I have about 300 emails per day, of which about 290 get filtered
into different folders. (Not vFolders. I don't use those yet either).

It's imperative that this functionality be fixed. I don't have time to
go through 30 folders looking for new email.

Having said that, let me offer up some thanks to the Evo team. Evolution
is great. As soon as Palm integration is ready, I'll be buying a boxed
set, just to support you guys!


The problem is probably that (due to a recent change in the vfolder
code) any vfolders that use other vfolders as sources are broken. You'll
need to open the vfolder editor and re-create the sources list for them,
and then the correct number of new messages should display.

On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 10:15, Allen Terry Johnson SR wrote:
Todays snapshot, 0.13.99 (+cvs 200109170708), still does not show number
of new messages.  I have gone back to using the September 14 snapshot. 

Since downloading the latest snapshot, 0.13.99 (+cvs.2001.,
the Shortcuts bar and the Folders List do not show the number of unread
messages in any of the folders.  I have been upgrading snapshots every
day when available and this first time I have noticed this problem.

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