Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts and Folders List Not Showing Number of New Messages

Actually, it does (I can screenshot it if you want proof :) 

Glad to hear it works for you! Because I just updated via RedCarpet, and
I still have the problem. I don't use the shortcut bar, only the folder
view. I have about 300 emails per day, of which about 290 get filtered
into different folders. (Not vFolders. I don't use those yet either).

It's imperative that this functionality be fixed. I don't have time to
go through 30 folders looking for new email.

Yeah, the problem is still there in the snapshots.  It's annoying, but
it's just a regression of some sort and I'm sure will be fixed

name:    Jamin Philip Gray
email:   jgray writeme com
icq:     1361499
aim:     jamingray47

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