Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts and Folders List Not Showing Number of New Messages

Actually, it does (I can screenshot it if you want proof :) 

The problem is probably that (due to a recent change in the vfolder
code) any vfolders that use other vfolders as sources are broken. You'll
need to open the vfolder editor and re-create the sources list for them,
and then the correct number of new messages should display.

On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 10:15, Allen Terry Johnson SR wrote:
Todays snapshot, 0.13.99 (+cvs 200109170708), still does not show number
of new messages.  I have gone back to using the September 14 snapshot. 

Since downloading the latest snapshot, 0.13.99 (+cvs.2001.,
the Shortcuts bar and the Folders List do not show the number of unread
messages in any of the folders.  I have been upgrading snapshots every
day when available and this first time I have noticed this problem.

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