Re: [Evolution] Evolution, procmail, and mutt

On Fri, 2001-09-14 at 07:32, John Affleck wrote:
Well, I did it. I converted everything over to maildir and now mutt and
evolution coexist happily. But the last line above:
but you do have to expunge your inbox when in Evo to see newly
arrived messages. kind of annoying. I was happy to discover that gkrellm supports
maildir, too (yay!), so I know when mail arrives, but it's a pain to
have to expunge evolution in order to check existing mailboxes for
external intervention. Albeit a small one :).

Heh. I solved my own problem. Create a vfolder w/ status = unread for
all local folders, then just expunge that (or whatever else you can do
to get it to update). The folder gets all your new mail, and all of the
other folders correctly indicate the new mail count.



        John A.

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