[Evolution] Irregularities in mail folder format conversion

I have upgraded to beta 3 (using the rh71 rpms). It is especially
disappointing to note that evolution-mail now crashes a LOT more often
than before, and it tends to crash especially while doing an automatic
mail check, although it still crashes randomly at other times.

I noticed this bug which I was able to reproduce over and over again:

1. Convert a folder from the default mbox format to maildir.
2. Switch to another folder (e.g. Inbox). Immediately there is an error
Error while 'Synchronizing 'mbox'':
Cannot create folder lock on
/home/ibukun/evolution/local/Inbox/subfolders/foldername//mbox: Is a

3. Try to copy a message to the newly created folder. A similar error
appears (cannot create folder lock: is a directory).

Quite evidently evolution seems to have forgotten that the folder has
been converted to maildir and is still trying to read it as mbox. This
problem can only be solved by restarting evolution.


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