[Evolution] Re: Reply to Message

I'm also seeing this problem with replies to address book entries.
Also, I notice that I can't edit existing address book entries.  I'm
able to open then but when I try to save the edited version, I get a
Error modifying list:  Card not found
but that message only seems to occur with a contact which I previously
tried to reply to.  Other existing entries seem to edit OK.
Rudolf Gruber wrote:
I'm using Evolution 0.13 (installed using Red Carpet - Ximian Gnome

It seems that there is some kind of problem if I reply to a person whose
name exists in my evo-addressbook.
If I try to send the message I get the warning "You must specify
recipients in order to send this message". Clearing the recipient-field
and adding the contact again solves the problem...

Is that a known bug or did I miss something earlier mentioned in this


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