Re: [Evolution] Reply from IMAP folders

I will as soon as I learn how to post a bug on Bugzilla. Wait a second
here. I just downloaded the latest snapshot, and won't you know it seems
to be working now. That is open source/cooperation at its best. It is
why I will never go back to proprietary, closed source software.  Thanks
to whoever did that.

I also noticed a new bug (I think). When I replied to that message, I
selected reply to All, but the evolution ximian com didn't show up in
the CC as it used to do. 



On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 00:30, Alec Edworthy wrote:
On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 18:25, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
I have multiple mailboxes all IMAP folders. When I subscribe to a list I
create a new e-mail account on my server for that list. This setup makes
managing my life a lot easier than trying to use filters or vfolders.
Anyway, when I want to reply to one e-mail, I would expect that
evolution will know that my e-mail address for that folder is the one I
entered during the setup of that mail account. But evolution will always
choose my default e-mail address, or it seems. I haven't try from pop
accounts but I think it would be the same.

I have this problem too. If your e-mail address is in the headers (To,
Cc etc) I find it generally works, but mailing lists very rarely put you
in the headers (to, cc and the like) so it does not appear to work.

As it had seemed that I had misconfigured something I decided not to
raise a bug, just be vigalent when replying, but now that someone else
is getting the problem too, maybe a bug should be raised, Pascal would
you like to riase this on bugzilla?

Thanks, Alec

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