[Evolution] focus problems

I still have problem with focus. I have the latest snapshot from real
carpet.I don;t know if it is related to evolution or sawfish, but if I
have a compose window opened, and I go back to the main view to click
SEND/RECEIVE for example, when the action is down the focus is back to
the compose window.While in that case it might seem like a good thing,
it is not always true. For example, if my action opens more than 1
dialog box, when I leave the last one in the stack, the focus is send
back to the first window, mainly the main evolution window. Then it is
try and error to find which window is logically on the top. It just
seems that Modal window are not working.

Also as I was typying this message, I inervently skipped the subject and
start typying in the message body. When I relalized, I went back to the
subject. The I caret was flashing showing that the focus should be set
to the subject now, but anytime I was typying something it was still
going in the message body. Finally I click on the CC line and Tab to the
subject and everything was back to normal.



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