Re: [Evolution] Copy/Cut/Paste in preview pane

I have reopen that bug in bugzilla.Took me a while to get around it. I
think there is also a bug in bugzilla. I didn't have a password, so
after filing my report I was presented with a page asking for my logname
and password. I asked to have my password e-mail to me after multiple
attempts to enter few known passwords. When I received it, I tried for
the heck of it to copy and paste it in Mozilla which didn't work as
expected. So I copied it on a piece of paper and reenter it in Mozilla.
Bugzilla then told me that somebody was trying to do the same thing at
the same time, but the display of that other action was empty. I was
also presented with 2 choices. 1) continue 2) abort (in short). When
choosing 1) it will complain that the logname and password were invalid.
My only recourse was to abort and retype my bug filing. So now my
bootstrapped question is: Where do you file a bug about bugzilla on
Bugzilla ? Feel like Smalltalk all over again ?



On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 11:56, Eric Lambart wrote:
This is bug #8431 which has been marked resolved but I think should be
re-opened.  Please add your comments there!

On Thu, 2001-09-06 at 02:58, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
In the preview pane and in the message viewing window the copy/cut keys
and menu selectors don't seem to work. The corresponding menu items are
not greyed out, so I will expect that it should work. Am I missing
something or other people experience the same problem ?



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