Re: [Evolution] Moving mutilple message threads

I'm using the 08-21 build, too.

I just tried it once and it worked--kind of funky with Ctrl-A since if
you then hold down shift and click, it really un-does the Ctrl-A and
re-selects everything between the previously selected message and the
one you clicked on... but I did it, and it worked.

I then tried moving all messages in the target folder back to the folder
where they came from, and as you say, nothing happens.  But I can't get
it to even move a single message.  I can still drag messages INTO the
target folder, but can't drag anything out.  Plus, creating and deleting
folders is still so buggy in this snapshot (I think that's fixed but not
yet released as a snap) that I'm having trouble trying to create new
folders to help figure out how to reproduce this error.  I give up.

In any case I guess the fact is that drag-n-drop is still buggy and
rather than trying to find workarounds we'll just have to wait until
they fix it.

FWIW, I still get all sorts of debugging output in the terminal window,
indicating the "drag_motion" and acknowledging that it knows where I'm
dragging stuff to, but no indication as to where it is failing to work.


On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 19:00, Steve Fox wrote:
On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 18:17, Eric Lambart wrote:
I believe that's a known bug.  For now, you need to hold down the Shift
key (if you used Shift to select multiple messages) or the Ctrl key (if
you used Ctrl) while dragging the messages, and they will all get moved.

hope it works for you too!

Hrm, I did a Ctrl+A to select all messages. If I keep Ctrl pressed down
and click a message, the message I clicked just gets unhighlighted. If
instead I hold down shift and then drag, nothing gets moved....weird.

BTW, this is with the August 21st builds if that matters.

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