Re: [Evolution] Moving mutilple message threads

I believe that's a known bug.  For now, you need to hold down the Shift
key (if you used Shift to select multiple messages) or the Ctrl key (if
you used Ctrl) while dragging the messages, and they will all get moved.

hope it works for you too!

On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 13:53, Steve Fox wrote:
I was trying to move a bunch of messages from one folder to another. I
found that dragging them to another folder caused only one message to
move at a time.

So then I selected them all again and used the move button in the
toolbar. Again only one message moved. Then I tried using the move
button again and they all moved.

Weird eh?

This was about 4 different message threads which I had viewed in
threaded mode. I've seen weird things with message threading while
navigating messages (using N hotkey), so I'm wondering if its just a
threading issue.

Anyone else seen this?

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